LGBT Tour for visitors from overseas / LGBT Seminar for Buddhist temples

LGBT Tour for visitors from overseas.
LGBT Seminar for Buddhist temples

Discover your Colorful Japan


We would like propose a unique temple sightseeing plan for LGBT tourists.
A couple, a group, or a single person can study Japanese culture with peace of mind and fun.
We also hold LGBT seminars for temple staff.



"Terakoya" were small private schools in the Edo period of Japan.
Classes were held normally in temples.
You will see beautiful architecture and you will be able to learn about how Japanese culture connects with temples.
With this special plan, you will have the opportunity to discover a whole new world.

  • Yoga
  • Sutra copying - Shakyo
  • Zen sitting - Zazen
  • Japanese style vegetarian food
  • Stay in temple
  • The tea ceremony.
  • Tray planting - Bonsai
  • Learn history
  • Events...

Our staff members open minded. Please contact us here.

We are holding an LGBT seminar at the temple.
We are also planning events related to LGBT and local / international exchanges using temples. We are also proposing a Photo Wedding plan in collaboration with our partner companies. We offer opportunities for experiences that can only be done in Japan.

LGBT in Japan

In Japan, LGBT (lesbian, gay bisexual and transexual) people still face discrimination at home with their families, at work, in education, and access to health services. The number of companies promoting diversity and the number of local governments implementing the same-sex partnership system are increasing and changing.
Japanese culture is "mixed culture", and Tokyo is a unique city where history and traditions are retained and diversity is mixed in the city. There are more and more LGBT-friendly gender clinics and toilets that can be used regardless of gender, so you can enjoy traveling with peace of mind.
Please feel free to join us for the "TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE" held every spring, or for a private tour of bar hopping in Shinjuku 2-chome, the largest gay town in Japan.

Part of the sales will be donated to “Marriage For All Japan Foundation - Freedom for All to Marry”.

Marriage for All Japan


We are now planning tours for visitors from overseas and LGBT Seminar for Buddhist temples

We are "EEE" that means "ENJOY ENRICH ENTERTAIN". We hoping people from abroad to touch Japanese things and know about Buddhist temples that one of the culture of Japan.

LGBT × Travel × Buddhism

Increasing the number of foreigners visiting here, in Japan. Temples have to have understanding about diversity and symbiotic society.


Staff Wanted.
A tour conductor, Photographer, A interpreter, Management staff and Operations staff.
Also please contact us who is interested in social issues of LGBT, looking for a job related to traveling.